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All the right choices

Sometimes a leap of faith is what you need in order to move your life in a new direction. Faith that the Lord will find it time to let you be happy, free and content. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesnt. I think the key is to not get upset when things dont work out like you planned or hoped. There is always a reason, even for the bad. We just dont seem to get it.
When we moved to NC we thought we were giving the kids a better life. At first we were happy, but Dad was working 4 days a week and things were ok. Then the housing issue happened and life kinda fell apart. Dad took a second full time job and to make up for it, I put the kids in activities and sports to keep them as busy as they could handle so they would not miss having him around. It worked for a while, and then it didn’t. Dougs health was taking the toll and so was my emotional availability. NC had failed us, or we had failed them. We simply were not happy. We had to make a change.We just were not ready for it.
Then this company calls and Doug interviews and we relocate to Washington. Yes, Im a Washingtonian. LOL There is some humor in there Im sure. We are back on one salary, in a house with a magnificent view of the Mountain. Im focused on making this house a home, not a shell like the last house. Ive put up curtains and started to decorate. It took us a year in the last house to even work on unpacking items. We just stopped caring because we simply were not happy.

Here, we took a leap of faith. We knew nothing about the area other than some friends word of mouth. We both came out and saw the area some, I found us the house and we packed up and moved. We have survived.. and we are happier for it. We have more time together even with unpacking boxes and work schedules that are backwards. We survived a week on an air mattress, a rental van and nothing to sit on. We even survived a week with no tv. The kids are already enrolled in schools, we have met our neighbors, whom we like. I can drive around without the GPS, make it to the grocery store, the local Walmarts, Targets, Mall and even found new places to eat. Im not afraid to explore. We drive to different areas and try new places. We never did that in NC, part was because of the people, part because it was just so far away.
Things financially will be rough. We wont be as well off as we were, we took a huge hit to the bank to move here, but the sacrifice will be worth it when we can all sit and have a weekend family movie snuggled on my couch.
Leap of Faith.. this was a huge leap that it had to be better than what we had, and its worked out so far. Thank you.. for giving me the strength to have faith.

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