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One step forward and one step back.. cha cha cha

We are moving to a Suburb south of Seattle in 3 days. Yes, I said 3 days. We have been working on this move for over a month now. Doug took a job with a great company and they are relocating us. We would not have taken it otherwise, this is just too much work.
Im currently having a panic attack. My pantry is empty, filled several boxes. My deepfreezer is unplugged and empty. My fridge is currently empty and being unplugged. They are suppose to go on a moving truck tomorrow. It leaves me no way to feed my family here in this stupid house. I know, its acceptable and blah blah.. but its not. Not to me. Im freaking out. Inside Im just ready to break and not get back up.

This move has been uber stressful for me. My stomach has been so upset Im taking 3 pepcids a day. IM buying the girls clothing for winter, when we havent even made it on the stupid plane yet. Nates behavior is all over the place, screaming and hurting everyone. We had to replace a broken window, paint the house, paint the area that we couldnt.. clean carpets. Clean the house.. pack, pack what we need. wait for them to pick up the trucks.. pull the kids, get medical records, get school records, get IEPS, get Nate into the last Drs appt.. pick up medications. SO MUCH to freaking do. And in the middle of it all..

My precious Bean is sleeping on the floor of our room. It seems she crashed there. Wrapped up in Dads TicketyBu, precious Bean is doing what everyone in this house is dreaming they could be doing.. SLEEPING.

So one step forward, one step back.. doesnt mean Im not getting anywhere.. Im learning a new dance and it must be called the ChaCha. Mountain View.. I just keep telling myself in 4 days I will wake up to a Mountain View that has snow on it. Ill be eating the best peaches I have ever had, and watching the sun set over an incredible landscape.

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