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Car Shopping

3’weeks ago we bought a new vehicle. It wasn’t a choice, Firestone blew the engine on our truck and we needed a replacement that would hold all of us. Dunn Ford took great care of us and we walked out with a beautiful Expedition. Dealer vehicle. Perfect condition, or so we thought. We have a bumper to bumper warranty, so we won’t freak. But here is my issue..
Rear some light does not work.
12v plug does not work
Handle for the lift gate is loose.
Middle of the drivers airbag is dented in
Sensor for passenger airbag does not work.

Ok the first 3 I see getting over looked. But in a state where you have to have a safety check on your vehicle to get plates, how does a car with broken airbags qualify? It doesn’t.

So we had a 1:30 slot and got here at 1:40. It’s now 4:34 and we are still waiting on a job they told us would take 1-1:30 hours. Nates patience has run out. I’m working double time to keep him calm and quiet. I would have brought the car back another day for the other things, if someone had been honest and said 4-5 hours. Doug and I could have done it next week and went shopping!! Brains people, BRAINS!!!

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